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Chit Chat in English at Pare English Village, Kediri Regency


For Kediri people, especially in Pare, when they heard about Mr.Kalend Osen, they would definitely think about English village in Pare. Based on the information given by Mrs. Fitria Hanum (22/11), the owner of Fajar English course, she used to be Mr Kalent’s student. She added that Mr. Kalend was the predecessor of all courses in Pare.

The English village was initiated by Mr. Kalend, a migrant from Borneo who studied at Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School about 50 years ago. Ustadz Yazid was the owner of Darul Falah. He mastered 7 languages and one of them is English. Mr. Kalend had learned English from him. Then he started to give English private course in the beginning. He rented a terrace of a house which finally became a course institute named BEC (Basic English Course). It was exactly established on 1977. It was not easy to build an English village. People were reluctant to learn English even it was totally free. Moreover, pedicab drivers would be paid for 15.000 rupiahs each if they were willing to learn English. But they still did not want to, including Mrs. Hanum. They thought that learning English was not important since they would not go up to England.


Then time by time, ustadz Yazid’s students tried to study English to Mr. Kalend until they mastered. For those who had been great in English responsible to give course to other students. It was the English village formed initially in Pare. From 149 English courses in Pare, only FAJAR, HARVARD, MOZAIK, BEC were founded by the native of Pare. Various levels of students studied here, from Elementary, Junior High, Senior High, College students, and employees. And during the holiday, it would be very crowded. It because there would be many students spend their holiday to learn English in Pare. It gave impact to the people around. Their income automatically increased. Many laundry, café/food stall, rental vehicle (bicycle), internet café, boarding houses, and many other services were provided by the people around which certainly produce Rupiahs.

Today, the English village certainly developed rapidly. Every year, new courses continued to hold up. It is promoted from mouth to mouth, using social networking, and internet. The wonderful thing is that the learner is not only insider but also the outsider from Timor Leste, Malaysia, and Thailand. Mrs. Hanum uses visualization method or showing picture to teach the outsider. Even Pare is called as English village, English is not the only language being taught. Other languages are also available, such as Japanese, Germany, Mandarin, and France.

Having course in Pare is really interested since it costs relatively cheap. Beside the atmosphere inside the dormitory is really supported the student to speak English night and days. Let’s have a random sample in Fajar course, it only spends 35.000,- rupiahs per program for 2 weeks. It is claimed as the cheapest course in Pare. It is all because of the impact of Mr. Kalend’s teachings that is ‘building reasonable and religious courses institution’.

To anyone interested to take course in Pare English village, registration is opened at 10th and 25th each month. Generally the course starts from 5.30 am from Monday to Friday, and it takes 1,5 hours per meeting. While it takes 6 months on BEC, on average it usually takes 2 weeks per program. Spend your two weeks holidays to learn English in Pare and be fluent of speaking English, guaranteed. (gn/sv-kominfo)

Contact Person: Fajar CP 085 667 618 188 - 085 745 371 462

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